The Guatemalan Tomorrow Fund

In rural Guatemala, a little Mayan girl might leave school in first grade to help her family pick crops, while her older brother pulls a plow through the field. Without the ability to read and write, these children are condemned to a life of toil and poverty. In an effort to combat the harsh realities of rural life, South Florida businessman Steve Dudenhoefer founded Asociación Ak’ Tenamit (AAT) in 1992 to create a new village in Guatemala’s eastern rain forest with the help of local Q’eqchi Maya leaders. Today, the Guatemalan Tomorrow Fund raises funds in the United States and provides logistical support for ATT’s internationally recognized boarding school which offers a practical curriculum and work-study programs for more than 500 middle and high school students. AAT also runs a medical and dental clinic serving 23 remote villages in the area. By driving change in a region where only 5 percent of Mayan girls finish high school and one-fifth of adults are illiterate, the Guatemalan Tomorrow Fund is changing young lives for the better.

Current Needs

$50  Helps defer the cost of providing health and dental care for one student over the course of the year.
$100 – Will help cover the costs of transportation, room and board for a senior student’s 3 month internship.
$360 – Annual Student Sponsorship. Helps defray the costs of tuition, room and board for a student at the Boarding School

Contact Information

Suzanne Cordero
Executive Director
759 Parkway St., #101
Jupiter, FL 33469